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My xwife caused me brain damage by leaving me on the floor for hours after I had heart problems.

New Orleans, LA |

I did not know I was having mini seizures.I got ss disabilty 1st try. She took all the $ 100% all my retirement. All my stuff. I did my best. everyone thinks I am hiding money & I lied in court. She did I did not. She got a judgement against me that I could not do in my best day. I had no$ for atty. had a nice home,business ,retirement,black Amex. fighting for my life. She is fighting for her life style. Seizures stopped for the first time. Just now understand what happened. Huge memory lose. WHY IS THERE NO PLACE for a disabled man 62 yrs oldto get legal help.I live in a rented room in a bad area to save money to get back to court. All the friends we had do not speak to me. My own grandchildren As well. how in America? 28 years one job, veteran. Happened in calif.

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You can call a local "pro bono lawyer" in your state for free legal help.



I have been trying to find a pro bono for 5 years in napa ca. I guess I can try again now that I have my memory back. Legal aid did not help. The one attorney I did get made it worse. The other one took the last $12,000 and told me she would try to get my stuff back and then did nothing.


Call Southeast Louisiana Legal Services at 1-877-521-6242 for free legal help, or go to the link provided for an application.

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Troy's suggestion is a good one. It is unclear who you want legal help with? Are you looking to divorce? Is your wife taking your disability or retirement? I would also suggest contacting a local law school to see if they have a family law clinic that might be able to help you. Good luck.

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