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My X stopped paying his child support in January. I have a case with DOR. Since then he's inherited several mil $. I need help.

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I am a ft student and he is making it impossible for me to live. He posts all the fabulous things he's buying on facebook,(cars, boats, jetskis etc) nothing for our daughter. I walked away from the marriage with nothing, I was supposed to get the house but he just sold the deed for $10 to a 3rd party (no I did not sign MY interest over) He was the income for the 18 years we were together so I had nothing to fight him with and until I finish school I have no job skills to support my child.

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You should go talk to an attorney and try to get representation and see if the court will order him to pay your fees.

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A private attorney will likely press your case more aggressively than DOR. It is certainly wise to retain an attorney because he/she can file a Motion for Contempt/Order to Show Cause Hearing whereby your ex will have to explain to the court why he's willfully non-compliant with the court's child support order. If he truly has the money then there's a chance you could get it all paid and even your attorney's fees as well. However, you need to hire an attorney first! Thanks for your question and have a great night.

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You have to hire a lawyer to try to intercept that money asap


You need to hire a private attorney so that your case may be given the personal attention it deserves. Your attorney will probably want to file a modification and a contempt of court action to ensure you are receiving the correct amount of child support in a timely manner.


Agreed. You definitely want to hire an attorney that will get the money you need to raise your daughter. My experience is that if you hire a private attorney, DOR will step aside. They certainly have enough cases to work through. Since the amount of money your ex has increased so dramatically, you may seek a modification.

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