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My x husband won custody I had kids on weekend. My 18 year old just told me she was being molested and raped by her dad weekly.

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I had a feeling and had filed many reports with cps which no one eve even interviewed her . We have already filed a police report and i guess the detective tells me it is going to be a long haul . I feel as if my daughter she me compensated for all the years of abuse my this man . Can we do anything to him or to cps ? ? I also was garnished by child support to pay over $ 20 , 0000 in child support can my daughter get that money from this monster ? Is there anything we can do instead of just sitting here

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Your inquiry leaves a lot of factual information out and makes answering the questions nearly impossible, at least without more information. when did you begin having this "feeling" ? You say you "guess the detective tells" you it is going to be a long haul. What do you mean you guess?How long has htis been going on? Why didn't you contact the police at the same time you contacted cps. If you were garnished for back support, that would appear to mean you did not have custody and that raises the question about why didn't you have or obtain custody if you thought your daughter was being molested? Why wasn't it raised in domestic case? When did you file police report.? did your daughter file or did you file? Has daughter received any therapy? counseing? please get her in counseling . In themeantme, you sh0uld gather up all your information/documents and contact a local family law attorney to consult with on your daughter's options. Best of luck.

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I think your basic question is can your daughter do anything. The answer is yes. She needs to see counsel who regularly handles civil cases. She will also need to cooperate with the authorities.

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Call the proper authorities and hire counsel to file a civil lawsuit.

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