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My wifes ex husband filed bankruptcy and defaulted on a credit card that he took responsibility for in the divorce settlement

Detroit, MI |

Creditor is now coming after my wife. This was his debt, he is a gambler and used convienience checks (traceable) to run up this debt. Some of the debt came after the divorce.
As her new husband how does it effect me? Can i hold myself seperate from this? Can this effect our joint assets, credit etc?

Thank you

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Your wife may have a cause of action against her ex; however that does not relieve her responsibility to the joint account that she held with her ex. If she was joint signor on the account she is still personally responsible for the debt to the creditor.


She is responsible. However, this debt should not affect you. If the creditor gets a judgment against your wife they may initiate a variety of actions to collect, including garnishment of wages, accounts or taxes. They may get a lien on real property. They may file an execution against your wife's personal; property. They may repossess her automobile. Your joint accounts and joint property will be affected only as to the value SHE has in it. Your portion of accounts and property should not be at issue.

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