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My wife was taken to a hospital by ambulance, congestive heart failure she is also diabetic .in her room she fell hitting her

Upland, CA |

head,knee and but, doc.tried to discharge her i wouldn't let them she couldn't stand she started jerking badly.i fought with hospital and doc for several days.this goes on and on 3 hospitals. she was taken care of would like to go after doctor . i threaten him with a lawsuit. he call me personally two times that day

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Sounds like you need to contact a medmal attorney, however it will depend on what if any permanent damages your mother may have from the fall, as to whether or not you have a case worth perusing.

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Call Medicare if your of that age.... you can protest a discharge and usually get a day or two out of that even if you lose... after 3 days in hospital with Medicare you get up to 100 in Rehab. I am sorry to say this but CHF is usually not good.... watch meds and check the fluilds they gave ... even in ambulance they could have put her into CHF.... with CHF comes kidney failure...usually.... ask from blood levels of BUN and Creatine.... and a kidney ultrasound.


It's hard to tell from your statement whether your wife suffered an injury specific to the fall (other than just a general bang to the head, etc). For example, I'd be curious whether she suffered a fracture or a subdural hematoma. If the fall happened and there was just a banged up head & bruising, i do not think you'd have sufficient damages to justify a lawsuit. this would change a lot depending on the nature of her injury.

See a local medical negligence lawyer and explain the full story. Hurry as the statute of limitations in California is just 1 year. A lawsuit must be filed in this period or the claim is waived. Good luck.

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