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My wife was driving my car and got a photo enforced speeding ticket. This occurred in Seattle.

Seattle, WA |

Will the downtown Seattle court force me to name my wife and then give her a ticket? Give me a ticket if I don't name her?

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The ticket will go to the registered owner of the vehicle, and you can always make a declaration to the Court of non-responsibility if you want the ticket to go to her. Consult with an attorney who specializes in ticket defense if you wish to contest this ticket.


Are you the registered owner? You will need to file a declaration of non-responsibility. The court may ask for the driver's name, but the law does not require you to name her.


It is also good to know that photo enforcement tickets are not treated as traffic citations, but rather as parking tickets. This means that they do not go on your driving record and cannot affect your insurance. Though in this instance, you should still challenge this ticket as indicated above.

This advice is merely provided as a general source of information and does not create an attorney client relationship. In all cases, I strongly advise hiring an attorney to assist you.