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My wife wants a divorce is trying to get me out with lies! how do i defend my self when she trys to get an order of vacancy

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she want th divorce has gotten me introuble with the law i was able to show the courts a recording of her saying that she would lie to police just to get me out of our home ! now she is going to a family court to get an order of vacancy to get me out how do i defend my self and what can i do now !

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If your wife is seeking exclusive use and occupancy of the home in a divorce action (in the Supreme Court), you should consider getting a lawyer to file your own motion to use the home during the divorce or to fight any motion filed by your wife. If she is in Family Court, it may be that she is seeking an order of protection to try and exclude you from the home. You should consult an attorney to determine the best way to fight such an order.

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Recording her is a good way to ensure that the truth comes out. The only thing you can do if she is trying to get an Order of Protection from family court is to hire an attorney so that you can defend against the petition that she files. Unfortunately, you may get evicted without having an opportunity to be heard first depending on what facts she provides to the court.


It is difficult to stop and this happens all the time. Record as much as you can when you are with her and keep in mind as long as you don't get violent you should be OK. You should discuss yout situation with a local divorce attorney.

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