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My wife wants a divorce, wants me out of the house, but still wants me to pay for everything because she doesn't have a job.

Chicago, IL |

I'm the only provider for the family and we have two children. What can I do? She is the type that gets angry very easily. I do not want our kids hurt.

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You may be tempted to move out of the house, especially when she may have anger issues. However, stay put until until you have had a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. There are many things you need to know about the divorce process and child custody before you make that decision. Moreover, if she does have anger issues that require professional intervention, you want to make sure you are not leaving your children in a bad situation without exploring other options with an attorney. If you require a referral, I would be glad to provide one for you. Good luck.


You should consult a divorce lawyer if divorce is imminent. You should not move out of the house unless it does by agreement after speaking with an attorney.

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Tell her that if she needs space away from you, she should leave. You stay put and get in touch with a divorce lawyer.