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My wife spied on my phone

Loudon, NH |

I discovered my wife used spy software on my phone and her reason was that she felt unsafe and insecure with me just to monitor my conversation in case of any plan, she said since i always refer to someone shot his wife, each time we have arguement. Does she have any legal right to do this?

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It is probably not legal, but what damages have you suffered i.e., economic damages that you want a court to award you? You'd have to show damages as a result of what's she's done or there's nothing for the court to do. Keep your phone away from her and you may want to consult a divorce attorney. If you are bringing up someone shooting their wife everytime you argue, I would be afraid of you too.

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thanks attorney Golnar, but i didn't mean those statement directly, i was only letting her know that the gravity of the argument is as strong as what the other guy did. I never had gun and neither am i planning to have one. i did not suffer any damage other than she may start spreading me all over the world

Golnar Sargeant

Golnar Sargeant


Right, but she's not in your head, and does not know your intent. Obviously, it bothers her enough to do this. So if you guys want to stay married, you should probably see a therapist to help you communicate your issues better to each other. Otherwise, get a divorce attorney.

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