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My wife says she will refuse to sign divorce papers. What can I do?

Clarksville, TN |

I am in love still with an ex of mine that I never did get to be with long enough to see if we could have made it as a couple. She has the same feelings towards me so I am wanting a divorce from my wife because i feel that I need to see what me and the other woman could be like, if we could still make it as a couple. My wife says she will not sign the divorce papers for me to be able to be with this other woman. What can I do? I live in Tennessee, montgomery county.


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If your Wife will not sign the divorce paperwork, this means your divorce will have to start out as a contested divorce. This means your attorney will file a Complaint (which asks the Court to give you a divorce), which your Wife will then be served with. She will have thirty days to respond by filing an Answer. At that point, your attorneys will initiate discovery (interrogatories and/or depositions) and you will be required to attend mediation within six months if you do not settle within that time frame. Should mediation not result in a settlement, your case will go to trial where you will have a prove a ground for divorce (adultery, inappropriate martial conduct, etc.) and the Judge will decide on division of assets and debts and a parenting plan if you have children.

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