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My wife keeps taking my daughter away from me and threatens me to live with her parents or I can't see her?

Hicksville, NY |

I have been married for about 3 years and currently have a 2 year old daughter. Since last year Feb. 2010 my wife and I took a family trip to the Middle East and on the way back from the trip we landed in NY. My wife's parents live in NY, and I grew up in the Washington DC area.

So when we landed in NY, she decided that she wanted to stay with her parents, and with the daughter as well. Her dad came at the airport to pick her up and they left leaving me hanging. I was angry and the next day I hired an attorney who started to begin the legal process.

While the attorney was handling this case with my wife's attorney, I decided to file for separation w/ dual custody agreed upon by the two of us. This process took about three months, and during that period, my wife had custody of my daughter. When the agreement was finally created and developed she didn't want to sign, and agreed to come back to the Washington DC area and live in my condo.

When she came back, she kept fighting with me on a daily basis purposely, she would purposely refuse to make food and one day she started going crazy breaking glasses, locking her self in the room, and basically going nuts. When she locked her self in the room, she was threatening from the inside that she was going to kill herself. I broke the door and when I walked in I threw a remote against the wall being in anger of all the drama. She called the cops and got me arrested and told them I was beating her and all kinds of things.

The whole purpose of her behaving this way and getting me to my boiling point was so that somehow I can come back to ny... Now while I was arrested, I paid the $500 bond fee and my lawyer then handled this case.

While we were waiting for the court date, she kept forcing me to come live with her in NY or she will come to court and god knows whatever against me. I didn't give up and went to court. She lied to the judge and basically described to him that I raped her beating her etc etc...

The judge sentenced me for 2 months but then again my lawyer appealed the case and we received a brand new court date.

She took my daughter again to NY and for another 3 months I was unable to see her. Because of my daughter's thoughts I decided to agree to their demand and move to NY one one condition. The condition was that I will stay in her parents house for 2 months and once I have my job setup, we will move to our OWN apt/condo.

4 months go by, and I was basically sick of living in her parent's house and decided to move out to my own place on my own while she decided to stay with her parents with my daughter...

I want my daughter out of there. Her parents have about 12 people living in the house and they are renting their basement to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Her mom's sister/husband live in that same house.

What can I do to get my daughter out of there and from this crazy lying family! They are drama queens and none of them work except for the father. Please help!!!

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You should discuss this situation with your attorney.

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