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My wife is not cooperating to complete the divorce so I asked for court trial.

Pasadena, CA |

My wife is not cooperating to complete the divorce so I asked for court trial. Why does it take so long also I am hearing initial trial is mediation. So what is true duration of the complete process to complete the divorce?

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It's not clear what issues need to be settled or decided, and what stage your case is in. A consultation with an experienced family law attorney can probably save you time, trouble, and money later on, by making sure your case gets done right the first time, rather than having to fix any problems after the fact.


While I cannot definitively state why your case in particular is taking so long to be processed, but the courts are extremely busy and are not always easily accessible. You should consult with a local attorney to review your case and help you manage your case and potentially settle it in a timely matter. If you have further questions about the divorce process, I would be more than willing to address your concerns. Best of luck.


In California there is a mandatory waiting period of at least six months to get divorced. There is no one-size-fits-all answer in divorce, so it's impossible to provide an estimated time frame without having more information. I recommend you consult with an attorney for more detailed advice. Good luck.


The divorce is not final until a judge either signs a judgment or the parties come with an agreement and the judge signs that document. If mediation is required, then there are probably child custody/visitation issues that need resolution. I suggest that you seek the help of an attorney.