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My wife in bed when our child (18 mo old) is completely naked in bed, another (6 mo old) is almost naked in front of webcam.

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My wife is recently diagnosed by doctor with bipolar personality disorder and major depression. She is a patient of psychiatric center. She has an intimate Internet affair, communicate by webcam every day. Now she started to communicate in bed when our daughter (18 months old) is completely naked in bed next to her, another daughter (6 months old) is almost naked in front of camera. What to do?

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You should talk to her and tell her if she does not stop this obscene child abuse you will have her arrested and have the children taken away.


You may want to lock up the computer, or at least get it out of the bedroom. While it is not unusual or obscene for children that young to run around the house undressed, there is no reason for the children to be naked on camera while your wife is chatting with a man on the other end. Given the nature of the communication, it is possible to interpret her actions as sexually exploitative of the children. That would constitute child abuse. If you know about it and don't do anything to protect the children, you can also be a Respondent in an abuse proceeding. you must stop this practice.

If talking to her doesn't work, you may want to talk to a divorce lawyer. You say she is carrying on an online affair. She may be putting your children at risk. You may not need to get divorced, but you need to do something.

If I haven't understood the situation correctly, and you are already separated from your wife, you should obtain custody and/or seek to restrict her access. Of course, you will need to prove her actions to the court.

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