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My wife has died and left a credit card that was only in her name, with a balance. I'm I responsible for that debt?

Bellingham, WA |

There are also Medical bills that are left as a result of her illness. Am I responsible for those as well?

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Probably not, but a consultation with a probate attorney will put your mind at ease. If you guaranteed the payment of the medical bills, you would be responsible to take care of them. If you are not on the credit card accounts as a co-debtor, you are not responsible for those debts. Your wife's estate may be liable for her debts - another reason to seek legal advice.


Washington is a community property state, meaning that typically debts incurred during marriage, even if only under one spouse's name, are the responsibility of both spouses. In practice, typically a creditor will not pursue the claim against the spouse whose name does not appear on the account, but legally, the creditor may have a viable claim though. I would suggest you contact a local attorney to have a more detailed consultation.

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