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My wife had a bad slip and fall in Wal Mart While 3 Months Pregnant. They called her over and over until she finally settled.

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She was told that wal mart would not pay out due to her being pregnant and advised her that the injuries did not warrant a pay out. They told her that the back and leg pains were caused by the pregnancy and that we could not prove otherwise. We searched for lawyers to no prevail. We have photos of the horrible conditions. She ended up accepting a settlement due to so many phone calls, and threats such as you won't get anything. Well she is now 4 weeks out of surgery for disc problems, and it's looking like several more to go. Once we settle with Wal Mart are we finished, is there no hope left with this case?

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When your wife settled her claim with Wal-Mart, she almost certainly signed a release at that time giving up her right to any claim against Wal-Mart in the future.

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It appears that your wife reached a full and final settlement in respect to her accident. I am assuming that Walmart had your wife sign a release agreement. Thus, your wife would be unable to seek additional relief from Walmart for this accident.


Once you settle with Wal-Mart -- AND SIGN A RELEASE -- you are done with Wal-Mart.

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A release is a legal document that, like other such documents, should be reviewed by an attorney prior to signing due to the fact that it's significance is far reaching. With very few exceptions, a release is eternal. Here is an article on the subject:

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A settlement relesee likely bars any claims bit have an attorney double chem the language of the release

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When a release is signed, and case is settled, it is over.


Your question at one point suggests that your wife has already signed a settlement and then the latter part of your posting seems to indicate you have not finalized a settlement. Which is it? If you have signed settlement documents and provided them to Walmart, the matter is over.

If you have not signed settlement documents, I suggest discontinuing conversations with Walmart and proceed to find a PI attorney who will handle a herniated back case. Almost all will.

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Normally signing a release ends your case. I would be interested in exploring your case further. If the right kinds of mirepresentations were made, I would be interested in trying to have the release voided. It is difficult and we might lose, but with the injuries your wife sustained, it is worth exploring provided you are located in the southeasern Pennsylvania area..