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My wife file a false DVP on me in the state of WV. But here's my question, I was served on Saturday night.

Charleston, WV |

Are court date was the following Tuesday and I did not have time to get a lawyer. So Tuesday morning I went to court and told the judge that I did not have time to get a lawyer but he would not hear anything I said. Then he ask me if I was willing to enter in to the protection order. I didn't know what was in it and I didn't know what to say. So the judge told me that I should because it would be better for me than it would be if I didn't. So I agreed, not knowing my wife and her lawyer had in there that I was a danger to my kids. We have 4 two of them are over 18 and they know I would never hurt anyone of my kids. Never have, now it's been a year an a half. For the first year I was only allowed to see my kids 4 hours a week now I'm up to 15. Please help, I'm a good dad.

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How is this possible that it has been in effect for a year and a half if so wrong? You need to get a local attorney ASAP immediately to seek to vacate the order - is it even still in effect because usually they last a year, although she could have sought an extension. If money is an issue, contact the Charleston office of Legal Aid of WV. Help yourself here and get an attorney!!

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