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My wife appointed a fellow church member power of attorney ( Jehovah witness)

Dallas, TX |

My wife who is a Jehovah witness appointed a "Elder"from her church to be her medical power of attorney. I am not a JW this is the reason they brought this up. My question is if something was to happen to my wife would i have my hands tied? if so what would i be able to do ? Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately for you, the power of attorney for medical decisions would control. You would not be able to challenge the decisions made by your wife's appointee.

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The agent under the Power of Attorney would be authorized to make decisions concerning your wife's care and treatment. Their authority as agent would trump yours as husband. Unfortunately, as you put it, your hands would be tied.

Bear in mind that the Power of Attorney likely springs to life upon your wife's inability to make these kinds of decisions for herself. Appointing an agent is a deeply personal act, and religious concerns can certainly play a role in the decision. I feel pretty certain that you have had a very open, honest and frank conversation with your wife regarding this. If not, it's a conversation worth having while your wife has the ability to express her desires and concerns.

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