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My vehicle was involved in a hit and run and his insurance won't pay

Canton, GA |

My vehicle was parked in a parking lot and I was in the store. When I came out the store manager told me my car was hit by another vehicle and that vehicle left the scene. He hit my bumper and caused a big dent in the bumper. There were must have been witnesses but I'm not sure who they are. The police went to his house but he he denied it but the police had enough evidence to issue him a citation for striking an unattended vehicle. There was no damage to his vehicle. I was given a police report. I then received an estimate from his insurance company for $550 to replace my bumper and was told I would be receiving a check within a week. A week later, I received a call from his insurance indicating they were investigating and three months later they claim they are no longer paying. ???

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Your problem is far too common - we see too many times that insurance companies delay or just refuse to pay legitimate claims. I guess they hope people will just give up if the insurance company makes it as hard as possible on them.
Because of the amount of money involved, it may be hard for you to find an attorney to help you. In an effort to try to help you, however, let me suggest that you contact the Insurance Commissioner of Georgia. They have an online consumer portal that you can use to submit a complaint. Here's the link -
Also, you can call their toll free number of 800-656-2298. Some of my past clients have told me they had good luck with this process. Don't forget that you may be entitle to diminished value damages as well. It may take a little time, but don't give up. I hope you are successful.

Jarome E. Gautreaux


You should enlist the services of a personal injury attorney to follow-up on this claim and to protect your interests.


If you have a large deductible then your only option would be to sue the at fault driver in small claims court for the $550.00

Good luck.

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What is the reason that they are not paying? If they claim there is no coverage for the incident, then you should turn the matter over to your uninsured motorist carrier or your collision damage carrier. More information would be needed to better answer your question.

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Small claims court.

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Because of the small repair estimate, you could take this to Magistrate Court in the county of the driver who hit you and sue the driver. It is possible that the insurance company will then decide it is not worth it and pay you. If they decide to let the matter go before the judge, it sounds like you have enough evidence to support your claim. Speak with the police officer who wrote the ticket and see what evidence he relied on.

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