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My vehicle's gas pump went out on my vehicle thursday night, and a man offered to help me push it out of the road.

Buckhannon, WV |

After me and this man pushed my vehicle out of the raod, the police showed up which im assuming that someone called the police.The police gave me a breatalizer test and i was over the legal limit.I was not driving my vehilce at the time the police showed up, and they did not arrest me but the took me to the local jail and told me i was being charged with a DUI,and i spent the night there and my brother bailed me out the next day.What can i plead to in court concidering the fact i wasnt driving when the police showed up?

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If an immediate hearing date has been provided you enter a plea of not guilty and advise court wish to hire private dui defense counsel of your choice. They'll provided an initial hearing date down the road.
If no immediate date, let your dui defense attorney handle all necessary matters related to your case.
As for case, in WV, so long as facts and circumstances suggest only way you got where you're at is to have recently driven, they need not actually see you drive.
So, fact they didn't is an issue but does not remotely make your scenario go away because of it.
I suggest you seek to speak to an experienced, well trained West Virginia dui defense attorney ASAP.
Harley O. Wagner, Esq.


As Harley said, the cops don't necessarily need to catch you in the car if the circumstances suggest that you were drinking prior to driving your vehicle to that location. The only argument you could make is that you were drinking AFTER your car broke down while you were sitting and waiting for someone to help you push it out of the road. I don't think that'll fly, unless you had a bottle/can of booze in your hand when the cops rolled up. However, this is one of the fun things about DUI defense is that there are so many different ways a case could go. I'd definitely seek counsel, either retained or appointed.