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My USC husband withdraw the I-130 application again!!!!

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We were married 6 years ago, I loved him and I thought he did too:( We applied for my papers and after a while we had a big fight and he withdraw the application.... He left to New york for rehab ( he's a drugs/drinks addict) when he came back he said he changed and I took him in. We applied for my papers again! He start doing drugs again and he went to jail and there he told the ice to withdraw the application again:( He told them I married him for green card and he married me just to help me! Thats no true.... What's wrong with him? Can he just do this to me and I don't have any chance to say anything and stay here? Can I do anything to get my papers without him and without doing the I-360? Why they believed him and they don't believe me? Please answer?

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Unfortunately the I-360 looks like your only option in a situation like this. VAWA was created to impede spousal abuse by using immigration benefits. The core of the law is not that there is physical abuse as many think but that there is an abuse of the immigration benefit to continue a negative behavior against the spouse. This would be a form of mental or psychological abuse. Good luck.

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Thank you. Can I apply for I-360 even after they denied the case? what's my chances?


I agree with my colleague. Wishing you well.

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I agree with my colleagues.


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Your spouse's behavior is evidence of manipulation and control. Therefore you should absolutely file VAWA or I 360. Do seek an attorney with experience in such applications.

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