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My Unemployment hearing is postponed, what should i do next?

Jacksonville, FL |

I have chronic arthritis and after 9 years of working for a company they set me up and fired me for security policy!
I am getting unemployment and they requested for appeal, so I requested for production twice and unemployment followed my request and asked them for documents! they never responded and I finally asked for continuance and hearing officer also granted my request.

Unemployment officer is going to re-schedule my hearing, but my question is, if they don't sent the material that I requested can I continue to ask for continuance and what will happen next and what should I do next?

P.S I am asking for documents because there is no evidence that I did wrong and it was just a set up and I'm afraid if they lie and say something unexpected!

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If they are not cooperating with discovery requests, you would be wise to seek counsel. Most legal aid offices handle unemployment compensation hearings, and I would encourage you to call Jacksonville Area Legal Aid to see if you can get assistance.

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