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My understanding also per Order, summer vacation visits seems as if its for a school age child/elementary, not infant/toddler?

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Also due to the custodial parent. Does the father need to give her written permission for who he want to pick up his daughter AND due to I have the child when my daughter is at work. Is it my job to hand the child over to whoever comes to pick her up? I may not be home at those times. I'm confused due to i'm not the guardian over my grand-child. Very seldom if he picks her up, he always sends his mom. He works 2-11 pm M-F SAT&SUN works at a club. Again, how can we stop this with his mom, because it's gotten to the point to where she cannot be in my presence because of her stupidity. I can't bare it. They're no longer welcome to my home. I tried being cordial but their mindset is not right. I honestly want to know how to file to get those people evaluated before visitation continues.

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This is your daughter's fight, not yours. If anything needs to be done, your daughter needs to take responsibility.

Unless the order says otherwise, kids not yet in school follow the same schedule as if they were in school. (In fact, the order likely says that.)

The standard possession order says: "Either parent may designate any competent adult to pick up and return the child, as applicable. A parent or a designated competent adult shall be present when the child is picked up or returned."

Your daughter has picked you and the dad has picked his mom. There is nothing you can do about it. Be cordial. You do not have to let her in your home (but that will only serve to increase the tension.) Simply have the child ready and minimize the interaction.

Your daughter can file seek a modification to eliminate the mother as a "competent adult," but her chances of prevailing in that are not very good.



I understand, thanks.. I just felt like she need protection due to her ex boyfriend mom. I advised my daughter as a woman and a mother to take care of your children, raise them to be responsible adults. The ignorance of this woman, i just don't believe it. But i truly hope the judge focus completely on the parents and the child. Thank You....


The mother should file a petition to modify and can request that the place of exchange be changed to a neutral location. She can alternatively seek to have the paternal grandmother disqualified due to her actions, which you have the right to record if you are present.

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