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My two Civil Judgment Disputes were successful by TransUnion, are they going to notify Experian and Equifax?

Killeen, TX |

If they notify the two credit bureaus will they automatically removed the judgements from the bureau or should I go and file the same dispute with each company before the two judgments are removed by each?

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It would be a serious error to assume that fixing one credit report fixes another. Notify everyone, and then check and recheck it.

I'm not your attorney; my answer includes assumptions. If you want me to be your attorney, I'm easy to find.


I don't think they talk to each other. You pull the other 2 credit reports and file dispute to any negative marks that should be removed.


You need to dispute it with all 3 companies. I suggest using It's free and very easy to dispute items and have them removed by yourself.


I agree with my colleagues here. Be sure to check all three reports and dispute with each of them. If you disputes are not successful, you may want to speak to a qualified consumer attorney who is familiar with the FCRA. The FCRA can be a powerful tool to correct inaccurate information on your reports.