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My truck was seized by police while someone else was driving. I am still making payments on this vehicle.

Norfolk, VA |
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You may be able to get your vehicle back. If the vehicle is simply impounded then it should be easy to get back, you just have to pay the impound/towing fees. If the vehicle was seized as part of a civil forfeiture then you should have an attorney demand return of the vehicle as it belongs to you.

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You should contact the police department immediately and request the vehicle be returned to you since you are the rightful owner. As the previous attorney stated, there may be some impoundment fees. If they refuse to return your vehicle then you need to consult with an attorney.


There is a procedure to petition the court for release of the vehicle. I suggest that you confer with a lawyer to determine how to proceed. Good luck.


Contact the seizing police department and demand a release of your vehicle. Unfortunately , you might incur some charges for the storage of the vehicle

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