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My teenager son just had a baby 3 days ago. the mother signed the baby over for adoption. does my son have any rights?

Sarasota, FL |

my sons girlfriend had her baby 3 days ago and just signed it over to a family she knows. my son didnt sign. does he have rights to his baby?

the adopting family was at the hospital and her attorney was telling my son to sign the papers. he did not sign.

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You need to get your son to a family law attorney right away. Your son does have rights but he needs to file an action immediately, Your son's girlfriend probably told the adopting parents that she didn't know who the father was. If you wait too long the adoptive parents will be heart broken and lots misery will visit everyone. You will need a lawyer for this
Good luck
Barbara Peyton


In Florida you need to register with the Florida Putative Father Registry. When you register, you are agreeing to DNA testing, court Orders related to child support and visitation. If you have known about the adoption plan notice should have been provided to you (if they were aware that you were the father and how to locate you). You will need an attorney to assist you with this issue.

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she wasn't 100% sure if she was gong to give her up and my son never seen the papers. he is a minor and didn't sign the papers. We want the baby..i feel our side was left out of the decision making and he should be able to have his baby.

Lawrence John Gibney Jr.

Lawrence John Gibney Jr.


I would retain an adoption attorney in your area......NOW.


I agree with Attorney Peyton, your son needs to hire an attorney NOW. I would look for one in your area who is very familiar with adoptions, as opposed to divorces.

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