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My supervisor put his hands on me. And pushed me up against a truck.There were no witnesses. And I have tried to press charges.

Schenectady, NY |

How do I go about getting charges filed when the police won't help and their trying to cover the whole incident up.I had an appointment with the warrant officer. But last time he was not there.They said he had to leave. Now my boss wont let me have the time off to file charges.What can I do? There is documentation of my back injury from the incident and I also called 911 when it happened. My supervisors boss is now saying that I made the whole thing up. Please help with this problem?

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Sorry to say it but to me your case does not seem very strong. What happened is a matter of proof. The police are probably not going ahead because they need corroboration that is non-existent.

Take care of yourself, and in the future because the boss is prone to getting physical try to never be in a situation where just you two are alone.

Good luck.

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I strongly disagree with the statements above. You should seek out the District Attorney of your county and go to their complaint bureau. If the police will not act., maybe the DA's office will have better understanding of the issue. Most crimes of a sexual nature do not have to have cooberation anymore. Besides your 911 call and your proof of injury is cooberation.
You may want to hire an attorney to press your case with the DA and to bring an action with the Human Rights Commission. In fact during discovery of that case you may just find the smoking gun you need to have this masher prosecuted. Look for a lawyer with experience in criminal law and employment law or civil rights law.

Good luck and do NOT give up!!

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