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My stepson molested my daughter. He is 13 and she is 8.

Chula Vista, CA |

We currntly going through a custody battle with his mother. In her eyes he can do no wrong, he can barely pass a 3rd grade spelling test and she does nothing for his education and tells her son he does not have to o chores at our house. Anyhow, mom has made accusations of domestic violence between my fiance and myself, for a short time we faught hard mainly over my step son, but never ever did we lay hands on each other but our barks were louder than they should have been. Things are back to normal because our focus has been my step son and we knew we had to get it togethet so we could help him by gaining custody of him.(mind you my fiance and i have together for almost 5 years and for the first 3.5 years we took care of him while mom who left tge home and her son even went to find hersel

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There is no question here-- but getting married would be VERY good idea if you want to show this home is stable. (Get a prenup!)

And I maybe a Nanny cam? It is VERY hard to prove a negative,but you can be solid citizens. You can j keep a log of events. You can walk a very straight line,. And pray.

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we do walk a straight line and under no circumstance do we speak negative of our step sons mom. Nor do we discourage his relationship with her. The accusations Im not worried about because they are false, interview any of our children an they will see this. My problem lies in WHAT STEPS DO WE TAKE NOW THAT WE FOUND OUT MY STEP SON HAS BEEN MOLESTING MY AUGHTER? His mother will try everything to make this my daughters fault. or ours. Im a stay at home mom, Im an over the top mom, I stay up with them go everywhere with them Its once I fall asleep that he has been playing the torture game with her, its a game where he writes the words front an back on a paper and she picks which she wants and they look at each other, IM FREAKING OUT , THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!!111 AND I JUST FOUND OUT. !! WHAT DO WE DO FOR BOTH

Edna Carroll Straus

Edna Carroll Straus


Therapy. Or Child Protective Services. Or both. No easy answer.

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