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My stalker, put a Order of protection in another county, after the judge dismiss mine .

Chicago, IL |

I have a restraining order against someone, the judge dismiss that order, the plaintiff went to another county and put one against mine was dismiss the same day , with the same causes but turning everything backwards, what i can do Please help

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Hire an attorney. Present your evidence and defend your case. it may even be possible that the case will be dismissed if it is has been filed in the wrong county. If you win, ask for attorney's fees based upon Supreme Court Rule 137. You may not succeed, but it is worth trying, and will depend upon your judge. Do not go to court without legal representation.


You hire a lawyer to demand a hearing and defend against the OP. Consultations are free


How long ago did it all happen? if it is an Emergency Order of Protection which was granted Ex Parte ( without notice to you) you can petition to have the Emergency Order reheard on three (3) days notice to the other side. When you have sent out your notice you need to gather the records of your original Petition to present to the granting Court. If you have witnesses bring them. It is a hard situation but not unbeatable. If it is a Plenary (permanent) Order of Protection where you were in default it is a little harder and the timing is more critical. For a Default to be vacated it is a lot easier to do so if the order is less than thirty (30) days old than if it is more than thirty days old and requires proof of good cause for the default.

This is a general answer and does not address the specifics of your individual case. To give the specific answer you need our firm needs you to come in for a consultation.