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My spouse refuses to sign the simplified dissolution of marriage, and I don't know how to fill out the regular papers.

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We have no children, no property, she just refuses for pride reasons. I don't even want to fight for anything, I will agree to give her anything she wants, I just want the divorce to be final. I picked up the regular divorce packet from my local court house, I just have no idea how to fill it out on my own, and can't afford a paralegal just to help me sign a few lines. Please help me with ANY advice on what to sign and how to do it to at least get the ball rolling so I can complete the initial packet to serve to her. Once that's done, I will be so much better off.

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If you've got the packet, it's pretty self-explanatory if you read all of the instructions. No one here is going to be able to walk you through it any better than what the instructions already tell you to do. You can go to the Clerk's office and they'll guide you a little bit but there's no substitute for meeting with an attorney to be sure that things get done right. Call some attorneys in your area - many offer free consultations and payment plans.

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I agree with Ms. Drake. Many attorneys are willing to conduct free consultations; check with family law attorneys in your area to find one. As an alternative, check with your local family courthouse to see whether there is a program to help pro se litigants (parties that are representing themselves in court). In Miami there is a program called "self help." Good luck.

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