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My spouse has been released from PTD on two misdemeanor arrests. We need both (2) arrests which are directly related expunged.

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Now both cases are dismissed. What is the likelihood of this occurring?

They are related to the same criminal incident. One incident, two parties. The County charged on day my spouse was caught and then a City agency charged two months later for 5 days prior to the County date for charging.

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If we can get a judge to consolidate them you may be able to expunge both.

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You are allowed to expunge one criminal incident. So unless they are related to the same criminal incident you only ge to pick one to expunge. Good luck.


It depends, of course, upon the charge. Not all misdemeanors can be expunged.

You are only eligible for one expuingment in your lifetime. The expungement statute does, however, allow expungement of multiple cases if they are related or arose from the same criminal episode.

Consult an experienced criminal law attorney to assist you in the expungement. It appears you are eligible.

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As they are related, your spouse has a good chance to qualify for expungement of both charges. Check with a local lawyer for a free consultation on expungement.
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