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My spouse and I have reconciled our marriage. We live in Michigan where we filed. Please direct us to the legal forms for MI?

Lansing, MI |

My spouse and I have never separated but did legally. We could not afford the legal separation granted by the court. What forms are required to dismiss? We live in Michigan. We can not locate an online example of a Motions & Order for Michigan. We have been told that a Motion and Order should be provided? We have been told that the courts will not require a motion and a order. We would like to be safe providing both the Motion and the Order for the judge to sign. We know that we should have an attorney but we can not afford an attorney. Please direct us to the legal forms or examples for MI?

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see your other post as this appears to be a duplicate.


SCAO forms are located on the Michigan Supreme Court site. You will not find a Stipulated Motion and Proposed Order for Dismissal on the site. Maybe legal aid can help. Good luck with your reconcilation.