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My spouse & I recently separated & the other day she had me served with a temporary restraining order

Westminster, CO |

This temporary restraining order makes a couple false allegations towards me as well as has a court date of which the deputy that served me indicated that legally I did not have to attend, but would waive my rights to ever owning a firearm in the state if I did not.
My concern is that if I do attend the court date and based from the false allegations in the restraining order, I am concerned that law enforcement officials might arrest me when I show up for the hearing based on her false allegations in the report.
Can you provide me with any insight to what I might be able to expect if I do show up for the hearing as well as what to expect if I don’t show up for the hearing?

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Please seek out an attorney... Restraining Orders are difficult to fight and you will need to be very well prepared for the hearing. Are there children involved? It makes a pretty big difference as to what your approach should be. Dodging a hearing is normally not a good idea under any circumstanes. You need to defend yourself (or better yet get an attorney to help you defend yourself) if you can show that they are false allegations.
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Go to an attorney and explain completely. If there are false allegations in the TRO, you should and must indicate this to the court.