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My sons have been asking me if they can live with me the last few months yet they stay with their mom for now. They are 13 & 16

Raleigh, NC |

Their grades are not good and having behaviorial problems lately. I work at a good company and own a small company. I would like get custody of them.

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The first question is whether or not you have an existing custody order in place? Answering this first question, will really directly you as to how best to proceed. I would suggest setting up a consultation with a family law attorney to walk you through this process and to develop a plan for how best to proceed.

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Avvo Email - Rated Professionals. Expert Advice.I don’t know what your current order status or schedule is, but changing an existing order requires a substantial change in circumstances materially effecting the children. You can likely show this. Assuming you can, a custody trial would then be pending and can make things long and drawn out.

You should first try talking to the mother and see I she is willing to agree to change the custody schedule. Filing or a modification, or for an initial order, if you don’t have one already, requires a mediation, so if informal talks don’t work, you would have a guided discussion before the judge is asked to decide.
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**Disclaimer** I am licensed to practice in North Carolina. I practice out of Raleigh and Wake County. This answer, to the extent it provides legal advice, is fact specific, and only intended for the jurisdiction where I am licensed.

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