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My sons girlfriend will not let me see my grandson and will not let him have any say so about his child at all

Cleveland, OH |

she will not let me visit my grandson she will not let my son have any sayso my son is not allowed to bring my grandson over my house she is telling all kind of lies and my son knows she is but if he saids anything she will throw him out so he can not see his son WHAT CAN I DO

i found the baby swinging with no straps to hold him in no tray nothing the adults in the house is dressed with warm cloths and the 2mo. grandson with nothing but alittle shirt. the mother is changeing milk giving meds and things without asking the babys doctor first she put the baby in hiding and my son could not see his son the baby is being fed and then just sat somewhere in a room no paying attention to until my son gets home from work then the baby is being taken care when he is at work and i call the house the baby is always crying hard i fill bad because there is nothing i can do the mother brings the baby to bad houses where people are in and out THIS IS MY 2MO. GRANDSON I AM WORRIED ABOUT

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Very sorry to hear about your situation. Does your son agree with you that a change needs to be made regarding his girlfriend's treatment of you and the baby or is he siding with her? If he's siding with her you can file for visitation rights in Ohio based on the fact that it would be in the best interest of the child. However, it is difficult for grandparents to overrule the wishes of the parent especially when your own son is alive as he's supposed to, in theory, cultivate the child's relationship with you.

If your son is in agreement with you, he should file for a reallocation of parental rights and responsibilities. You can then join him in his case. The more parenting time he gets the more time the child can spend with you.

Generally when your son has visitation with his child he can bring the child wherever he wants within reason (ie: not out of state). If he wants to bring the child to see you that's up to him. The problem is that absent a court order, his girlfriend can simply stop visitation. You and your son should both talk to a good family law attorney and file a motion in your local juvenile court. I wish you luck.

Also, if you believe your grandson is in any immediate danger call childrens services and file a report stating what you believe is the problem. If the danger is severe, call the police and file a report.