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My son was on 7411 status for marijuana. He finish all community service drug tested two times a month, all clean.

Charlevoix, MI |

While on probation for 7411 status, he plead guilty to MIP and MDOP. the judge revoke his 7411 status and give him 1 year, 20 days jail the rest probation. FInes ,court cost ,jail cost and restitutions, approx 500 to 600 a month for a year. Driving status too and from work after 1 month. Job lost when in jail. He knows he responsible as I do but he or I cant afford this. Thinking of leaving state, What would this cause? Help.

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The violations of probation under the terms of 7411 unfortunately leads to the consequences you have described. Leaving the state will not get rid of the penalties. MI will issue a hold on the driving privileges until the driver's responsibility fees are paid. All court fines and costs need to be paid or arrest warrants will issue for contempt.

The responsibility fees can be made with payments to the Department of Treasury as can the fines and costs with approval of the court.