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My son was hit by a car that police was chasing

Fort Myers, FL |

hi my son was in accident a car hit him and the police were chasing the car but stop pursuat once the car ran a red light can I sue the county for chasing the car that hit my son? Also the driver that hit my son had no insurance my son does not have any broken bones but was treated for whiplash and seeing chiropractor for pain in back and neck. what should I do how should I pursue this?

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Does your son have uninsured motorist coverage on his policy?
You need to hire an attorney to pursue this matter for your son.
We handle cases like this statewide in Florida

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I agree with the answer above. Because of the way this accident happened, it is important to know whether you carry uninsured motorist coverage. Making a claim against the county is going to be very difficult with this set of facts, and your best option would be to make a negligence claim against the person being chased, and applying UM coverage to that situation. Consult with an attorney right away. Good luck


I strongly recommend consulting with a personal injury attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. Time is of the essence. it is unlikely that you will have a cause of action against the county. However, if the officer was reckless in his pursuit; you may indeed have a potential claim.

Does your son have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) on his policy?

I wish you the best of luck.

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