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My son was falsely arrested. He has a mental illness and suffers from blood clots. after bond was posted a M1 hold was placed

Saint George, SC |

on him. After three days I had my credit card company reverse the $1,200 because he was not let out of jail. about three weeks later the hold was released so we bonded him out with a different bondsman which we paid $800.00 My credit card company put the $1,200 charge back on my cc saying that the first bondsman had did the paper work do he did his job.

The State insurance company says that it is up to the court if I can be refunded the first bond. It does not make sense to me to pay two bonds for the same person and the same charge because the jail deliberately placed the hold after bond was posted. I was told that the bonds man broke the law by not giving me a detailed receipt. Neither of them did! How can it benefit me to file a complaint about that? I want my first bond back

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You probably need to check witht the jail regarding who signed his bone and when. If the first bondsman fileld out the paperwork and signed his bond, then you did not need the secoend bondsman. If the first bondsman signed his bond, but they placed a hold on him, then s soon as the hold is lefted, he should have been released as soon as the hold wa lifted becasue he had already mde bond. If the first bondsman never signed his bond, then he did not do his job and you may have groudns fro getting our money back from him. If the first bonsman did sign hsi bond, then you may have grounds to get your money back from the second bondsman, because their ws no need for him to sign the bond.

YOu may have to file a claim in small claims court to get your money back, of fiel a complaint with the Department of labor and Licensing if you ever figrue out which one was wrong.

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