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My son was driving under the influence of zanax and he he crash he also had a scale for weed he is 18 what will happen to him?

State College, PA |

he is going to college on government grant is his first offence they also fount a empty bag of weed and he crash his car.will he not get the college grant?will he go to jail?he also had a under age drinking he did the class and pay the find,i am so worry about him was going to happen to him,the zenax pill was not his med a friend gave it to him he also had a weed scale on him

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There is no way to advise you without seeing the charges against him. I strongly recommend you retain counsel for him as soon as possible.

Whether a criminal arrest or conviction will affect a grant depends on what grant it is.

I am an attorney in Pennsylvania but I am not currently *your* attorney. Nothing in my communication should be construed as creating an attorney/client relationship. Please contact me if you wish to retain me as your counsel.


The best way you can help your son is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney for him. There are many options that a skilled attorney may pursue. The attorney will gave to review the facts, the documents and the evidence before they and advise what aid be done and what will happen to your son. Good luck.


More would need to be known regarding his history and the facts surrounding the case. The underage drinking is unlikely to have a major impact, though it may indicate to the authorities a possible substance abuse issue.

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Sounds like your son has substance abuse issue, Xanax used without a prescription is an indication of serious problem, with high chance of creating dependency and tolerance or craving for increased dosage or frequency ... Some would say xanax abuse is more serious issue than marihuana use or even alcohol...
You can help your son by getting an attorney who specializes in alcohol/drug abuse treatment and criminal defense...


Your son is an adult. I suggest he retain a criminal defense attorney or a public defender to advise him. He should not make any private or public statements about the incident until after he has been fully advised by a criminal defense attorney.
No one can predict what will happen to him in the criminal justice system without knowing all of the specific facts.

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There are two lawyers you need to call: 1) a criminal defense attorney, and 2) an administrative law attorney regarding the grant. Good luck to you. We all try to minimize the mistakes of our kids and keep them moving forward until they finally mature.


Based only on what you have stated, he likely will be charged with possession of controlled substances, perhaps DUI. He should retain a local attorney to assist him with the best possible outcome.

The answer provided above does not represent legal advice and is provided as general guidance only. An attorney should be consulted for a definitive answer based on a complete review of all of the facts and documents.


I'd call someone local to State College and experienced in criminal defense and DUI matters -- Matt McClenahen would be a good fit in that area.

One of the consequences of an illegal drug possession conviction is an impairment on the ability to get financial aid for college. If the Xanax pill was not legitimately prescribed and it was in his possession, he is in trouble. A first offender program like ARD may help, but he should talk to a lawyer in Centre County ASAP.

I do not represent you. You should hire an attorney. Only after meeting you and talking to you during a review of your case can a solid assessment be made of the case and any likely outcome. Do not rely on my advice unless you hire me.