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My son was convicted on drug related charges Can he records be expunged?

Lorton, VA |

He was convicted on just the use of drugs. But violated probation then served his time. He has benn out for about two yrs. this happen about six yrs ago. He can't get or keep a job because of background checks.

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Typically, an adjudication of guilt cannot be expunged.

John S. Riordan, Esq.
West Palm Beach, FL

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Unfortunately, for a drug conviction in Virginia, an expungement is not permissible according to Virginia law. The only way to have such a record erased is through a pardon from the Governor, which is a complex and difficult process.

It is difficult to achieve employment with a conviction, but I wish you and your son success in the future.


A conviction cannot be expunged in Virginia. He can seek a pardon if he was actually innocent and later proven so.

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