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My son was convicted of a Felony level 4. Where does the level 4 mean and are there other levels of Felony?

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Although the criminal code itself does not distinguish one felony from another by "levels", Maryland's Sentencing Guidelines classify offenses into different levels of seriousness, which affect the severity of the recommended punishment range. A higher level is less serious, and a lower level is more serious for recommended sentencing ranges. In other words, a Level IV offense is less serious than a Level I offense, but it is more serious than a Level VII offense, which is the least serious offense level. The only way short of a pardon to avoid a conviction is if the judge grants a "probation before judgment," either at the time of sentencing, or upon reconsideration following a timely filed motion. Other factors (such as a prior criminal history of convictions and victim injury) could enhance the punishments under the given offense level, or could mitigate the sentence the other direction (such as no prior criminal history and the defendant's acceptance of responsibility and rehabilitative efforts related to the present offense). You should speak to your son's criminal defense lawyer for more guidance.

Mark William Oakley

Mark William Oakley


You can use the Guidelines Calculator located at the following website to obtain an estimate of the recommended sentencing range called for under the Maryland Sentencing Guidelines:


Which State was your son convicted in?

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Maryland does not have different levels of felony convictions. Generally, I am not aware of provisions to remove felony convictions from your record short of a governor's pardon

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Are you talking about a 4th degree sex offense? There is also a fourth degree burglary, but that is a misdemeanor. Those are the only fourth degree offenses I can think of right now.

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