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My son was charged with selling drugs, what questions do i ask a lawyer

Norristown, PA |

I need to hire a lawyer because my son is charged with selling drugs, and violating probation. How do i get the best experienced lawyer? I hired a lawyer before who told me he was the best, he never even met my son, he sent his assistant every time.

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If you have time it is often best to meet with more than one. You can check their background with online rating services such as Avvo & also the State Bar of PA. You need them to assure you that they will personally handle the case - ask them for their experience with the local prosecutors, judges etc. GOOD LUCK

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.


Why wouldn't you be skeptical of a person who would just flat out tell you "I'm the best"? If you wanna good lawyer that is right for you you need to do a little research, some digging, and come up with a list of lawyers to interview. Its not hard, just a little time consuming. You need to know how much drugs your son had (or didn't have), what (if any) jail time exposure he has if found guilty, and how this arrest will affect his probation.

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I will visit him. Send me his prisoner info in a message and I will go see him.

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Basil David Beck III

Basil David Beck III


There ya go. A free visit. You're on your way.


For starters, avoid attorney who unilaterally proclaim themselves to be the best or better than others. Focus instead on their experience. Meet with that attorney, get a feel for how they are. The rapport between a client and an attorney is often more important that the number of years in practice.

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No one is "the best." Never trust anyone who tells you that. You should also ask during initial engagement negotiations whether the attorney him/herself will appear or how often an associate will appear. but you are not alone in not knowing that.

There are many experienced criminal lawyers in Montgomery County. I am one of them and never send an associate without consent of the client. Please feel free to contact me.

I am an attorney in Pennsylvania but I am not currently *your* attorney. Nothing in my communication should be construed as creating an attorney/client relationship. Please contact me if you wish to retain me as your counsel.


A truly good attorney should not need to tell you they are the best. I think that a reputable attorney will tell you about their experience and qualifications without bragging. They will also tell you who amongst their colleges is a good attorney. To find a good attorney you should interview at least a couple of attorneys to see if their personality meshes with yours. Ask about their experience about the types of cases they have handled, their trial experience. Keep in mind a good attorney is not necessarily the one who tells you what you want to hear.

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Carina Laguzzi

Carina Laguzzi


I agree. Do not forget to check out websites and check out the Disciplinary Board website to ensure they have had no actions against them or pending ones.


There are numerous, skilled, criminal defense attorneys in Montgomery County. You can start your search at This is the website for the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Those who are members of PACDL dedicate most, if not all, of their practices to criminal defense, rather than dabbling in it. Also, view their websites and talk to other people who have hired criminal defense attorneys in the past. I will echo the sentiments of my colleagues: run away from any lawyer making guarantees or promises of spectacular results, or claiming that prosecutors are afraid of him. Those are the tell tale signs of a huckster.

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