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My son was caught going 48 in a 35 in a school zone by a red light van, how to go about dealing with this?

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It was my car, and someone will obviously NOT be driving for a VERY long time! Anyways, it was a "Notice of violation," and it states if I do not reply, they may formally or informally give me the citation (what does this mean), plus I could have to pay additional fees. At the bottom it says I am not obligated to respond, or to identify the driver. I thought about saying "not me," but could they find my son since we are on the same insurance (his license is out of state)? I'm mostly looking to NOT help the state at ALL, because if he gets smacked with that, my insurance will probably double!

Do I Write "Not me"?
Should I just throw it away?
I read that replying to the letter verifies you receive it or something, and that I was "Served," but they're really just looking for the driver?


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You can certainly make the city/county do their due diligence and track down the driver themselves....Or, you can make your son appear and take responsibility for his actions.

You might talk with a traffic attorney, if you intend to fight the case.

The above is not intended to be legal advice, but may be used for general information. Please contact an attorney for specific help tailored to your needs.



I Just want to know what will happen if I don't reply. WIll they really serve me a ticket even though it was clearly not me? I'm not going to make my son face this mostly due to the fact that insurance will probably kill me! He will however be facing punishment all summer long, for sure! Can I just not reply, or should I reply "Not me?" ALSO, thanks a TON for the reply! :) I added more info to the "Additional Information," if anyone else has some input! :)


First, you should not make any confessions on a public forum. Anyone including the state can review it. I have had clients who copied their driver's license and sent it back in saying it wasn't them. I have had clients who appeared in court and showed it wasn't them. I have had clients who have had the driver appear. I have know people who did nothing and waited for the state to serve them.


Get an attorney to deal with this. You do not want to make an error which would possibly cause your son to get issued the ticket.

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