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My son was at a bar, he got into an altercation with a bouncer, he is in jail on assault causing bodily injury and public intox.

Wichita Falls, TX |

what is the usual sentance for such an offence, and can it possibly be reduced to a different charge? In addition to the beating by the one bouncer, 3 others joined in to kick and punch him, can we press charges on them.

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It's a bar fight. Get a good attorney.


This came through as a personal injury question. But, you are asking about the criminal process. So, as to charges, your son needs to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to aggressively deal with those charges. Because this is a freely accessible web site no further details should be posted here and I advise against posting any more facts about this anywhere.

That he "got into an altercation with a bouncer" is a fairly general summary that could mean many things. Who faces exposure, how much and for what in the criminal or civil context depends entirely on the details which I again urge you not to post.

Law Offices of Andrew D, Myers

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This was posted in the personal injury section, but you would want to search Avvo for a criminal lawyer in your city who can defend this charge.

Lassen Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Philadelphia. Phone 215-510-6755.


This is not a personal injury question. What your son needs is a criminal lawyer to represent him and get him off. All the best!

Boonswang Law Firm 1-877-258-3083

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