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My son was assaulted at high school and is now suffering from a concussion. Can I sue the student that assaulted my son.

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My son was lured out so the attacker could hit him from behind. He continued to throw many punches on my son's temple area and was pulled off by an administrator. He got free of the administrator and continued to hit my son again. This was all caught on video tape and the officer at the school said he was arrested and charged with assault. My son never defended himself being afraid of getting a suspension.

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Make sure your son receives thorough medical attention. Then consult a personal injury lawyer. From your posting it appears your son has cause of action for civil assault and battery. Your son should be able to recover his past and future medical expenses and general damages for pain and suffering. The attorney you retain should explain the process in greater detail provide you with further guidance. Good luck.

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Yes, as well as the students who lured your child out. Assuming these people are criminally charged, you may also try to pursue some kind of a restitution order to pay for your child's medical care and treatment. Speak with your local prosecutor's office about this possibility.

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My firm handles personal injury cases. I would be happy to offer you and your son a free consultation. My office number is 603-223-6613. Best wishes.

Chris Buck

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