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My son was arrested in Texas on a Ramey warrant in California. He was arrested on Oct 17, 2010 on a Ramey Warrant. We fought

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extradiction. California issued a warrant on Dec 1, 2011. California received a governor's warrant on Jan 23, 2012 and came and got him on February 15, 2012. My questions are can California hold him that long on a Ramey warrant? We never seen any hard copies of the warrants issued, is that legal?

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You are confusing the issues based on your terminalogy. A Ramey warrant is simply an arrest warrant that authorizes the police to go into someone's home to get the subject of the warrant. It has nothing to do with how long they hold him or extradition or anything. Your dates and info seem off - I wouldn't expect Texas to hold him on a warrant waiting for CA to extradite him for a year and a half, and was he arrested in Texas or in California? Please clarify.

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I'm sorry he was arrested in Texas on Oct 17, 2011. That's where he lived as of Nov 2010. The warrant was for assault with a deadly weapon on a person in Concord California at a party. He was there but I picked him up earlier that evening before the shooting, There are two witness I believe that say he did it. The person who got shoot named two other people. At on time Texas was going to release him on bail. I had a hard time getting a bail because the crime had occurred in California. I called a bails bond in California and she said the only warrant she saw was Dec 1, 2011 for assault with a deadly weapon. The judge changed his mind on the bail. Texas was holding him for attempted murder. We asked to see the issueing warrant and they did not have any warrant on file for him. I'm so confused about this whole process. He is in the Martinez jail as of 2/17/12. I don't have money for an attorney. My son has been in trouble before when he was a minor. I always told on him for the things he has done in his past but he didn't do this and I don't know what to do. What kind of warrant did they have to pick him up in Texas? He was at the DMV getting a license for his job when he was arrested. The trooper called Concord and they said he was wanted for attempted muder. I don't think Texas was ever given any warrants. At least they couldn't find any. I went to the Sheriff office, the county clerks, and the D.A office. They didn't have anything.



Thank you so much for helping me understand this.

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