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My son was arrested for evading when he did not know it was a cop. He was charged with nothing else. Is that normal???

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My son and his friends were walking to the store at 1 in the morning. Instead of going to the end of the street and cutting over. They cross where a building is being built. There is no fence around the property. Two went to the store and my son and his friend wait for the boys in front of building. When they see head lights they run to the end of the property to the road and walk the rest of the way home. Before they make it home 2 cop cars pull up with guns drawn and handcuff and put them in the car. My son is 18 and is stupid for being on this property but did not know it was a cop he just knew he should not be on that property and ran off. Nothing was done to the property and no charges except evading was charged. I dont think this should mess up the rest of his life.

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Normal? Why is the boy out at 1 A.M. on another's property? Why are they running away? Put yourself in the officers' shoes.


If you really want to help out your son, help him hire a good criminal defense lawyer who can sort this out and maybe, just maybe, get a resolution that does not mess up the rest of his life.

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The officers would have to show that it was apparent that they were police officer. Additionally they would need to show that there was an actual evading. Here it is a misdemeanor. Of course it is an odd time to be out walking around on someone else's property. Nothing good happens at that time of morning.

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Ask your son's attorney about inquiring whether the D.A.'s office will "divert" the case, if they will consider such relief, short of a trial. It sounds like your son has no prior record, was not otherwise committing any offense (other than a thin beef of "criminal trespass" of the property), but did run from the police. Some considerations a good attorney will examine is whether the police car was marked or unmarked and whether the officer used any emergency lights or audible police-type sounds to identify police presence. The "divert" is an entire explanation by itself, but should be examined as an alternative from what I am reading here.



He has never been in any kind of trouble. He is a senior going to college in July. Just crossed in front of a building and stood in front waiting for the other two boys to get back from the conveient store. He does not know why him and his friend ran. He said he knew he should not be on the property and ran to the end of the property when seeing headlights coming up. If he had been home he would not have been out that late. He was assigned a court appointed attorney. That we called but he said he will get back with him when he has a court date. Should I or even can I get him another attorney. With him being 18 he was able to do all this in jail. So do we have to stay with a court appointed attorney? I would like to get moving on this now and have it taken care of before he goes off to college. Thanks in advance for any advice. A worried mom