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My son stole Credit Card and we just found out. How do we make things right?

Atlanta, GA |

Sadly, my 18 year old stole his Grandmother’s Credit Card and made about $1000 in purchases with it. She did not know this had happened so when her statement came, she reported the charges and the case was sent to the CC company’s Fraud Department. Now, several weeks later we realized that it was him that stole the card and made the purchases. I have proof. What does she say when she calls the CC company? (We will pay for the charges, he will pay us back)
“I’m sorry , I found out who used the card.” “Sorry for your trouble.”
Will they drop it there? Thankyou.
I hope I have this in the right section.

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Attorney answers 1


Your CC company will probably be happy just to get the money so it is less likely that they would report your son for criminal prosecution. They may still want to pursue it even if they get paid but again I think it's unlikely. When you talk to them you may want to be vague about who the person but just that you think you know who it is and that you just want to pay the purchases off. Meanwhile, it is probably a good idea to have your son make payments to his grandmother.

Craig Epifanio