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My son's fatherl is trying to get custody. What are my rights? We weren"t married,we lived together , he acknowledged paternity.

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I allow him to have my son three overnights per week. He has just started giving me any child support- he wants custody of our son. i work full time, do not do drugs or alcohol, attend church with my son. We currently live with my fiance. My son is cared for by my mother, a registered nurse, while i work. He is seen regularly by his pediatrician and dentist. all medical and physical needs are met. He is 4. I do not defame nor allow anyone else to defame his father.

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Has he sued you for custody? If so, pay close attention to the allegations he has made in the complaint. Additionally, are you operating with or without a custody order? If you do not have a custody order, then no one technically has custody of your son, and he could theoretically keep your son until he decides to give him back. I would pursue a custody order to set your mind at ease.


I agree with the previous posts. If there is no custody order than you aren't "allowing" him to see your son. He can easily just decide to keep your son and not return him until there is an agreement. I reccomend filing for custody immediately and getting even an agreed order on record. I assume he is looking for something more solid so that his visits with your son are not dictated by your schedule? If you guys get along well, then you will be able to agree to a custody stipulation and go about your day. If you guys don't agree, then you will need to go through the entire custody process.

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