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My son received 2 tickets (for incomplete stop & failure to signal) How should we proceed when we go to court?

Chicago, IL |

He says he didn't do it. Police may have a film. Car was impounded as the passenger had drugs on him and was arrested. ($2000. for impound, $150. tow and $50. storage!) My son had a speeding ticket last Nov, so if convicted of the other 2, it would be 3 in a year. My son is 21 and a college student. This occurred in Chicago, but he lives in the suburbs.

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If your son is 21 then he cannot have three convictions within a 12 month period. Supervision does not count as a conviction so if the November speeding ticket was supervision and he has completed the supervision he has no convictions yet. Additionally, the tickets must be seperate incidents meaning that the two tickets from this arrest would only count as one conviction. Based on what you have posted it doesnt seem that your son is in danger of losing his license but he should have an attorney go over his case to make sure.


Your son needs a lawyer.


You should hire a Cook County lawher since that is where the case would be heard. He can probably negotiate something to protect the license.


Agreed. You really ought to hire a Cook County lawyer to help you. As you pointed out, you do not want convictions on all 3. A lawyer will be your best shot at pleading one or two tickets down.
Best of luck.

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