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My son lives in CT. was in a accident last night need to know if he is at fault

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my son lost control of his car hit black ice, in a school apartment complex, the car parked was registered in Mass.

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The short answer is "yes"; all drivers have a duty of reasonable care that requires all drivers to keep their car in control at all times ..... even on slick roads.

Did your son get cited; if so, what was the charge. Also, if your son left the scene he's likely to be charged with evading responsibility which carries a jail exposure and a 1-year suspension of his operators license, and a criminal record.

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Your son is at fault for the accident. Do not let him talk to the adverse insurance carrier.Contact you own carrier immediately so they can handle the claim.

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Yes he appears at fault due to not driving with caution given the conditions. Notify your insurance carrier.

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Unfortunately it appears he is at fault. Contact your insurance company and report the accident right away.


Unless the parked car drove up and hit him, yes. Simply report it to the insurance company to resolve.

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Based upon the facts stated, it would appear that your son was at fault.


He is probably at fault. Even if the owner of the parking lot did not properly salt or sand it, your son's actions in crashing into the parked car will be considered a proximate or legal cause of the accident. If your son's car was insured, simply call the insurance carrier and they will handle it. If a lawyer is needed to represent your son, the insurance company pays for one to defend him. Good luck.